She told me that for the next three weeks
Mercury had decided to toy with gravity
That we’d feel it dense in our chests
And time would quicken
As if flailing heavy objects through space wasn’t dangerous
we’ve no choice but to thrust our leaden hearts into the void
Be dented
And shatter
She said that the rigid ones will fracture
Broken glass tinkling shrill
Or just quietly dust mote dissipate But ironically
The malleable ones would hold their shape
Stay flexible – was the lesson
And take what comes knowing that everything just is.
Like punching walls till you’re covered in red shame and spent
Like the pacific pressure behind your eyes
Like drowning in too much air
Like actually feeling joy

So I’m bracing myself
lying naked, spread eagled beneath a hail cloud rumbling war

But she said Mercury wants me to dance
Get my muscles working a bit harder
And test my own strength
See how far I can stretch
And bounce
The machete shards of ice

So because it’s not something she would usually say
And because it was her that said it
I will.


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