Diamond Dew Baby

I remember you now
in summertime sadness,
in old Hollywood films,
and in velvet,
In afternoon sun and shared cigarettes
you are a treasure I hold in my chest
that glints at me when the sun sets sometimes.
There were so many nights you screamed
in revelation and in protest.
I loved every screaming inch of you
Every sacred pound of flesh you shared with us
like you had a debt
even only if to yourself.

You held your head high so no one could touch you
no matter how many ghosts tread in your footsteps.
knew the value of beauty
one day you painted me a goddess
blonde, buxom, in toga and all
and I felt it
the raw fragrant delicacy
the tangible search for beauty
for God
for all
for truth
for reality
for insanity too
for the glamour
for the diamond dew baby.

We followed you as far as we knew how
and I miss you now
but honey, that’s alright
no matter what you do I promise you
like lace intertwined
our stories stitched themselves into my skin
I keep you within.

Photograph by Jaymi-lee Miller


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