Hold my hand from the inside.

I woke up one morning with crows resting their claws on my temples and trying to pick out my eyeballs.
I tried to scare them off with the sun but their talons were lodged in my skull.

They did not leave for two whole months.

Every time i felt my head grow light and free and praised who knows what for letting me be,
There they were, perched in nearby treetops.
Watching me intently.

But you, you came and you blew the demons the pieces with a gale force breath that I barely felt brush my cheek,
I was left with the sweet smell of my own awe and an intangible trust in you, me, every atom placed so carefully.

Like a wave in the ocean your kiss on my forehead sent me rolling, tumbling into foam and spray,
One day, I may understand,
But right now i’m just happy to float,
Up and away from my shadow on the pavement and into the blue,
With you.

Hold my hand from the inside,
Light your fire in my stomach,
Press your lips to my sacred temples and whisper truth into my ear,
My dear,
Sometimes I need to jumble words together that make no sense,
Just to watch you fit them like a puzzle,
Every piece in its perfect place.
Like you and me vibrating in the same space so hard that it lulls us both to sleep,
And once more I can find peace.






Photograph by Jaymi-lee Miller


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