Butterfly you are a good omen
A fleeting flutter of hope
Reminding me that in this place there is nothing but space in between my outstretched hands and the stars
Yet part of me feels more grounded here
With all that empty above my head
Butterfly remind me again that you morphed in a cocoon for two weeks to fly for a matter of days
So that when I look up into all that blue
I’ll see your patience
I’ll see that you know sometimes we don’t start with wings
That sometimes precious things must be grown
That you aren’t the only one who has wrapped yourself up alone in the dark
But I’ve seen scars on too many friends to believe that dark is the end I’ve met a man who was sent back from the dead, and a man that could not move his legs who walks again,
I see the tough pale skin on her wrists where her wounds mend
It’s stronger than before, it knows what it is to be torn,
And It stretches tighter now, clinging to her bones
I know she doesn’t really want to let herself go, and the sun seems brighter to her since she came so close.
Cause this girl is no Icarus, she won’t let herself fall, her wings are as real as yours are butterfly.
She knows that to touch the sky is no trouble at all after surviving being buried alive
Her own hand at the shovel
The earth her warm cocoon
Cause she exploded out of it all blue and orange and emerald green
And smelling like dew to mark a new day
And the smile on her face is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen
Grown like an opal turned in the furnace of earth
That began a dull stone
None of us start out perfect
We’re all made with wounds to mend
Maybe the first life we’re given and the second one we earn
Maybe that’s what they mean by being ‘born again’.
Maybe that’s why we can still see the stars years after they burnt out
And why every time I look up I see you in the blue, butterfly
And remember, patience. We may be caterpillars now but one day we will fly.



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